ict250_w605Star Payments will provide your business with an EMV Compatible Terminal for FREE!

On October 1st in-store counterfeit fraud liability will shift to the party either issuing the card, or the merchant that has not adapted EMV chip compatibility. Understanding how this liability shift affects your business can protect you against liability exposure. Click here for more information.

Ingenico’s new generation iCT220 terminal is engineered to last. Its ergonomic design delivers the most comfortable user experience of any terminal in its class to assure flawless operation in even the most demanding of retail and restaurant environments.



  • High-performance platform with no impact on transaction speed or reliability


  • End-to-end encryption providing secure protection over cardholder data
  • Universally EMV, APACS, and PCI PTS 3.x and 2.x certified
  • Secure offline capabilities so you can accept payments even if your internet or dial up connection goes down


  • Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies such as Dial-up Modem, Ethernet, and GPRS
  • Optional tip line for restaurants